rabbit boarding Fareham Hampshire
rabbit boarding Fareham Hampshire
rabbit boarding Fareham Hampshire

Spindlehay Lodge, Rabbit Boarding Stubbington Fareham Hampshire

A Safe, Secure Place to Leave Your Rabbits

Spindlehay Lodge is a place where you can safely leave your rabbit whilst you are away for any reason. Our rabbit boarding kennels are in Stubbington near Fareham in Hampshire with a 'home from home' atmosphere to make your pet feel loved and cared for.

When you book your holiday your pets are a major concern and we understanding just how important they are to you. Also hospital stays and working away can mean that you need a safe secure place to leave your pet.

Spindlehay Lodge is run by experienced ex-breeders of Lop Eared rabbits and we know how to care for them. Bring your pet rabbit to us and you will have the reassurance that he or she will be given special care by people who love, understand and are experienced in all aspects of rabbit handling and care.

rabbit boarding Fareham Hampshire

rabbit boarding Fareham Hampshire

With luxury hutches, plenty of fresh air and exercise your rabbit will be enjoying its own holiday whilst boarding at Spindlehay! And you will be able to relax knowing that your family pet is safe, secure and happy.

We offer extremely reasonable rates and also give discounts for longer stays.

Please ensure that you read and agree our terms and conditions before making any bookings. These may be viewed or downloaded by clicking here.

rabbit boarding Fareham Hampshire

rabbit boarding Fareham Hampshire

Pet Supplies and Accessories - Stubbington Fareham Hampshire

We are able to supply everything needed to care for your rabbit such as shavings, hay, straw, feed and toys.

Rabbit Care Advice

We are able to advise you on all aspects of caring for your rabbit. We have been caring and breeding dwarf lops for many years and have experience and knowledge to pass on to you.

Rabbits make good pets. They are clean, docile and intelligent.

Rabbits can be kept as pets indoors or outdoors, they make little noise and do not smell if regularly cleaned out.

Basic needs are a large hutch, exercise area, wholesome food especially good quality hay and fresh water daily, plus plenty of greens.

The decision to buy a rabbit should not be taken lightly, there are many different breeds and sizes, please do plenty of research before purchasing.

When purchasing your rabbit remember it is very stressful for it when leaving other litter mates so give plenty of time for your new bunny to settle in. Handle your new rabbit gently with no noise or background noise. It takes time but with the patience they will become your best friend and trust you completely.

Rabbits need to have 3 vaccinations per year, one is combined Myxomatosis & RVHD1 and 2 weeks apart is another vaccination called RVHD2. E-Cuniculli is another worry for pet owners and seems to be increasing. It can cause head tilt, cataracts and paralysis, regular worming of Panacur can prevent this.

Remember rabbits can live to 10-12 years nowadays so remember 'A Pet is For Life'.

Most people purchase a rabbit from a pet shop or a breeder (British Rabbit Council have many contacts for Breeders in your area), it is wise to view your new baby rabbit from a reputable breeder.

When choosing don't pick one with the prettiest markings, you need to study them for a while. Do they interact with their other bunny friends? You often see their temperament just by spending time watching them. Ask to sit with them, often a friendly inquisitive one might come over to you. The one that stays at back often is often a little more nervous.


With luxury hutches, plenty of fresh air and exercise your rabbit will be enjoying its own holidays whilst boarding at Spindlehay!

What Our Customers Say...

"Just what we were looking for... Sandy offers the best Rabbit boarding facilities I know of and I'm so glad we found Spindlehay.

Large enclosures, all the food you could think of and the utmost professional care. Going on holiday is stressful enough yet knowing they were in good hands made it truly worry free.

Pom Bear and Tikka came home like they'd been on holiday themselves!"

Paul and Kerry Baker - Hayling Island

rabbit boarding Fareham Hampshire

rabbit boarding Fareham, rabbit boarding Hampshire

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